Doing things with Sounds: practical pronunciation activities for EFL classrooms

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Friday, May 22, 2015 - 11:15
English Pronunciation Issues & Practices 4
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Mark Hancock talk at EPIP in Prague

This event is the 4th International Conference on English Pronunciation: Issues and Practices. See a review of the conference here.

In this talk, we'll be looking at individual sounds and things we and our students can do with them. These will include:

- Experimenting: simple classroom techniques to make students aware of sound articulation

- Imagining: imagery and movements to show students how sounds are produced

- Representing: using phonemic symbols to represent sounds

- Exploring: using a chart to explore the sound systems

- Playing: using word play to help students notice and practice sounds

There's a video of me doing a presentation of a similar talk here.



It sounds very interesting.

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