Pronunciation Pack -

PronPack is a set of materials for working on English pronunciation, divided across four books. Each book takes a different angle on the topic. Ebooks Published on iTunes:and Kobo ! Print books published on Createspace: Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, Book 4. Also on Amazon.

PronPack 1: Pronunciation Workouts are a set of drills to work on the physical articulation of English pronunciation. Each lesson gives concentrated and focussed practice of a specific aspect of the topic, ranging from individual sounds through consonant clusters and word stress to connected speech and tonic stress. Students get the opportunity to practice producing these features, and this also serves to improve their ability to perceive these features while listening, and more generally raise awareness of how spoken English works.

PronPack 2: Pronunciation Puzzles are a set of game-like activities to raise awareness of specific features of English pronunciation and how these are represented in spelling. Topics range from awareness of phonemes to suffixes to contrastive stress. Puzzle types include mazes, crosswords, sudokus and word soups. The activities help students to notice certain patterns in the pronunciation system of English while enjoying the challenge of solving a puzzle, either individually or in teams.

PronPack 3: Pronunciation Pairworks are a set of information-gap style communication games which demonstrate to students how pronunciation can affect meaning. The activities challenge students to produce and perceive important phonological distinctions, with a focus on getting the meaning across effectively to a partner. The aspects of pronunciation covered range from minimal pairs to word stress and contrastive stress. See a free sample game from PronPack 3 here.

PronPack 4: Pronunciation Poems are a set of poems, rhymes, chants, raps and songs for working on different areas of English pronunciation. Each text has a high density of a given pronunciation feature, making it very noticeable for the student. The teaching points are made enjoyable and memorable by being shown in the context of rhythm, rhyme and word-play. Features range from individual sounds to weak forms, grammatical endings and features of connected speech. See a sample lesson from PronPack 4: Pronunciation Poems here.


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