Internet Quiz


Here is a short quiz, ideal as a fun warmer or finisher, on the topic of the internet. Find the audio and script below. For a harder quiz, try Watery World.

Wrong Lyrics 2

This is a fun awareness-raising activity based on a video - see below. There is also an audio-only version available to download.

Wrong Lyrics 1

Wrong Lyrics 1 -
This is a fun awareness-raising activity matching correct and misheard song lyrics based on a video - see below. There is also an audio-only version available to download.

Listening Maze

About us -
Words such as 'hard' and 'heart' are distinguished by the final consonant being voiced or devoiced (but note that the vowel sound is affected, so that it is longer before the voiced consonant eg in 'hard').

Turn Words

Articles and ideas -
Many learners want to pronounce the vowel sound in learn, bird, word, nurse differently, according to the vowel spelling. But in fact, all these words share the same vowel sound. Here's a game designed to raise their awareness of this sound and its spellings.

Pronunciation Journey

Annie McDonald -

Brazilian learners often fail to make a clear distinction between pairs of words such as tax-taxi. This is because in their own language, unstressed final syllables are often so reduced that they are almost inaudible, and they transfer this to English.

What Happened?!

Let your class get creative with funny pictures from the internet. This is a story-telling activity based on pictures from the internet. You will need to either print the pictures or project them in class. You may use the example pictures provided here or else find your own.

Rome or Home?

brazilian pronunciation

This is a pronunciation game for Brazil, focusing on the confusion between the sounds spelt by R and H, so that for example 'rat' sounds like 'hat'.

The Word Blender

ELT Materials: The Word Blender

This is an activity to raise students' awareness of the way words are modified in connected speech. In particular, it focuses on the way consonant sounds are linked, elided or assimilated.

Mirror Crossword

ELT Materials: Mirror Crossword

This activity helps to make students more aware of the divergence of pronunciation and spelling in English. In order to do the crossword, they must be able to think of the word as a sequence of sounds rather than as a sequence of letters. More pronunciation ideas?


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