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PronPack: Word Recognition for Listeners

PronPack: Word Recognition for Listeners - hancockmcdonald.com/books/titles/pronpack-word-recognition-listeners

Word Recognition for Listeners, alongside Connected Speech for Listeners, is part of the Pronunciation for Listening series.

PronPack: Connected Speech for Listeners

PronPack: Connected Speech for Listeners - hancockmcdonald.com/books/titles/pronpack-connected-speech-listeners

PronPack is an award-winning collection resource books to help teachers focus on English pronunciation in class.

Pron Probs Game

Pron Probs Game - hancockmcdonald.com/node/606/edit

This is a board game for use in teacher training. Players can use a dice and counter. They take turns to throw the dice and move. They should explain the pronunciation error in the sentence they land on, and match it with one of the causes in 1-5 at the top of the board.

Cambridge English Empower C1

Cambridge English Empower C1

As a contributor, I wrote a video script storyline and accompanying page spreads in the Cambridge English Empower C1 book, to highlight functional everyday English and provide listening practice, i

White Christmas

ELT thoughts, news and updates - hancockmcdonald.com/blog

Have fun in class and raise awareness of how pronunciation affects listening at word level and across words. Find the teacher's notes and worksheet pdf below, plus a video/karaoke of the song, and an audio-only mp3.

Wrong Lyrics 3

Wrong Lyrics 3 - hancockmcdonald.com/node/389/edit

This is a fun awareness-raising activity based on a video - see below. There is also an audio-only version available to download. See also Yes, today and Hay chewed.

Blues Band

ELT thoughts, news and updates - hancockmcdonald.com/blog
Want to know about a new blues band's first visit to Spain? Justin Coe tells us about the band, their music and reviews their recent concerts in Madrid and Barcelona.


Patagonia - hancockmcdonald.com/node/151/edit
This activity is based on a video about the first European settlers in the Magellan Strait. The video is used as a springboard for vocabulary work, and leads into an internet research activity in which students find out more about the events in the video.

Internet Debate

ELT Materials: Internet Debate

In this activity, students read an article in favour of internet censorship. Then they prepare for a class debate for and against this kind of censorship. The activity is inpired by the debates in For and Against by L G Alexander (Longman 1969).

You're the Judge

ELT Materials: You're the Judge

In this group discussion, the students have to rank 5 different crimes in order of seriousness and decide on an appropriate punishement for each.


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