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Rabbit in a Hat

Rabbit in a Hat -

This rap is great for practising connected speech - see video here! Consonant to vowel links are indicated, plus one vowel to vowel link.

American Sound Chart

American Sound Chart -

This version of the Pronpack Sound Chart uses the symbols for the American sound system as used in Celce-Murcia, Brinton and Goodwin Teaching Pronunciation, CUP 1996. The r-coloured vowels are given as separate hexagons.

Antiphonetic sound chart

Antiphonetic sound chart -

This version of the Pronpack sound chart uses typical spellings rather than phonemic symbols. Use this version if the phonemic symbols seem to be too hard for your students to take on board. You can download versions below with or without pictures, black and white or colour.

Pronpack Sound Chart

Pronpack Sound Chart -

This is a new phonemic chart of the sounds of English for the classroom wall or to hand out to students. You can download it below.

Pronpack Sound Chart with pictures

Pronpack Sound Chart with pictures -

This wall chart includes the sounds of English with pictures illustrating example words. Get the students to say what the example words are! Download below.

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